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2019 #MusicBusinessEmpowerment

Who Wants to Perform for FREE?


For this years MBE conference Makin’ It Magazine has joined as a promotional sponsor to give every attendee the opportunity to perform for FREE or receive a ONE on ONE sit down with a Major Label A&R.


Just REGISTER for the conference then follow the instructions in your confirmation email to submit music. All submissions will be reviewed and considered for Performance or option to have a ONE on ONE meeting with an attending A&R or Panelist during the conference.



5 acts will be chosen to receive 7-10 minute performance set on the official MBE Showcase. One act will also receive paid flight and hotel accommodations. 



Up to 20 additional attendees will be selected for private ONE on ONE meetings with either a Major Label A&R or Industry Panelists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this just for Artists?

No. Submission is for ALL registered attendees. Artists will be considered for performances, but all attendees are considered for ONE on ONE meetings with A&Rs and Panelists. This includes Producers, Managers, Promoters, DJs, etc.

When is the Deadline?


To qualify for sponsored performance or ONE on ONE meeting you must complete submission by August 14, 2019. Preferred performance slots and meetings will be given to those who submit earliest.

Where do I submit?


After registering for the conference you must submit through Makin' It Magazine's website at

How are Performers Chosen?

Makin' It Magazine's review team will be selecting 5 attendees to perform with ONE also receiving Paid Flight & Hotel Accommodations. Performers will be selected based on their Music and presentation.

What if I don't have a lot of Followers

Music is the most important factor when selecting performers. Having followers can help but only if the music is already good. Artists with great music will always come before lesser artists with big followings.